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Check it out here This short story follows Luxaar, a foreigner to the desert Provence of Zariban, and his troublesome partner The Rat plan what is to be a simple heist. Nothing goes as planned as soon as they enter the mansion of Rez-Hilkta. Eccentric, never seen and collector of rare items. Once inside they [...]

The Sack of Fenriss Part 2

They raged across the fields of Yarnis and broke against our walls. The siege did not last long. Though our countrymen fought to the last of us, we only had the city watch. They were not trained in defense. This was not supposed to be possible, our borders were pushed out far enough and protected [...]

The Sack of Fenriss

The Sack of Fenriss Part 1 I.R.C. 16 Huahsta 0227 (Imperium Rational Chronology) They speak of a time, a time long before now. Before the written word and before the Imperium Rational Chronology. The old ones remember, they remember a story told to them in their youth. A story told by thirty different fathers in [...]


This week I will be revealing the cover art for The Chronicles of Luxaar Pt.2 Luxaar & The Nightmare Beast

Supporting Authors!!!

I would like to announce that I have started a patreon page in the expectation of being able to deliver a far superior book to you the readers. I plan to include professionally done maps, artwork and more. You can check out my Patreon page and come along on this journey with me.

Teaser Tuesday!!!!

If you liked this, you can read the rest of the book here!!!

Finishing Up Luxaar Pt.2

Well you wait for 2 to be released on Mar 12th. You can read Pt.1 Luxaar & The Stolen Princess.


For our first Fantasy Artist Spotlight we will be taking a look at Jon Abbis @papergriffin . Jon is an accomplished fantasy map and building maker. Come check out his work @ Fantasy Artist Spotlight. If you are an fantasy artist of some sort and would like to be in the spotlight e-mail me at [...]

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